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Rental Opportunities

If you own a farm, ranch, or greenhouse, are a landscaper, or arborist, whether for commercial or residential purposes, there will come a time when you will need a piece of equipment that you do not have. When purchasing a new or used machine isn’t ideal, a reliable local business can offer cost-effective farm equipment.

We offer farm machinery rentals tailored to your specific requirements, such as equipment with attachments for stacking pallets, planting trees, digging holes, and moving materials; Willsi Power has the perfect solution.

Our rental equipment allows businesses, regardless of size, to manage expenses and have the adaptability to handle bigger projects and a wider variety of uses.

Renting agricultural equipment is a great way to test out a model’s performance in action before making a purchase.

Willsi Power offers various rental choices tailored to your needs and budget. We provide personalized rates for daily, weekly, monthly, and extended periods to accommodate your evolving projects and seasonal needs.

Willsi Power Prices

Knikmops KM250-KM250TE Diesel

Knikmops KM250 standard with cabin, with a lift capacity of 5,000LBS.

Willsi Power - Knikmops KM250

Knikmops KM180-KM180TE Diesel

Knikmops 180TE with telescopic boom, with a lift capacity of 4,400LBS.

Willsi Power - Knikmops 180TE


$3,800 per month
$1,050 per week
$200 per day

* Please note: Fuel is not included.


If you have any specific requirements, please contact us for more information.