Willsi Power - About

The Hoogstraten family has strong roots in the Netherlands, having lived there for nearly 50 years; born and raised in a famous nursery area, with relatives working in the nursery and farming business. One of their sons has worked as a mechanic and is now heavily into robotics, another in shipping, and a shop manager and salesman. Willem Hoogstraten (the head of the family) also sought out a career in civil engineering, and naturally, with his strong past and experience, he wanted farm and landscaping equipment that would satisfy all aspects of the business.

Doing his proper due diligence, Willem spent time researching the best machinery to satisfy all the agricultural and landscaping criteria, and this is when he was introduced to the Knikmops and Damcon range of mini-loaders and attachments. These were tried and thoroughly tested on the nurseries and farms, to the point that he was so impressed with their range of offerings, safety, and versatility, that he personally requested to be a distributor, so he could provide others with the opportunity to rent or purchase their very own proven machines. They have seen a lot of these machines working on many complex projects, as opposed to the availability of skidsteer machines here in Canada.

In 2017, Willem and his family emigrated to British Columbia, as he had visited prior and just fell in love with the place. It was here that he set up his new home and agricultural business and successfully became the new distributor for all of the latest European agricultural, landscaping, industrial, and construction machinery.

Willsi Power is now the authorized dealer for Deschans, Gebroeders Geens, and Knikmops in British Columbia and Alberta, and also an authorized dealer for Damcon Canada-wide.

The Knikmop ([K]nik is Dutch for articulating) machines they purchased in the Netherlands continue to serve them well in their agricultural endeavors.


The Knikmops are very versatile and are built from European steel, and definitely a top performer when it comes to simplicity and in awkward and taxing environments. Lift capacity doesn’t need much horsepower. For example, a Knikmops KM180 runs for 8 hours straight with 16 liters of diesel and still lifts up to 4.000 lbs. The Knikmops machines are light and can easily be transported from one job site to another; it has an optional telescopic boom and multipurpose, so they can handle more than 100 attachments.

Damcon Nursery Equipment

Damcon has over 60 years of experience in nursery equipment and is very well known throughout Europe’s nursery businesses. The machines are of superior quality and are highly regarded for their dependability and versatility.