Damcon - Tree Spades

KLR 300 ST

The Damcon KLR-300 ST is the company’s smallest tree spade. These tree spades are designed to be mounted to a small excavator.

These tree spades can also be used to raise buxus, taxus, conifers, Christmas trees, and other species of trees.

With or without an undercutting blade, the KLR-300 ST is available. Rootball sizes of 20 to 32 (40) cm are possible (depending on the undercutting blade).

KLR 500 ZR

The KLR 500 is a self-propelled tree spade with hydrostatic four-wheel drive. As well as for transplanting and undercutting, this tool is useful for lifting trees with root balls.

Tree spades powered by self-propelled Damcon are available in a range of sizes, from the KLR-500 (root ball diameters: 25 – 50 cm) to the KLR-1200 (root ball diameters: 80 – 120 cm).

These machines can yield between 40 and 60 root balls each hour on average.

Loader Mounted

These tree spades can be mounted to a shovel.

The KLR-300 to the KLR-2000 make up this series’ range.

The diameter of the rootballs ranges from 30 to 200 centimeters.

The KLR-1600 and KLR-2000 tree spades have six blades each. Undercutting blades are standard on all models.

Excavator Mounted

These tree spades can be attached to a wheel loader, excavator, or other machines.

Our excavator-mounted tree spades range from the KLR-500 to the KLR-1400 and are available in numerous configurations. Rootball sizes of 30 – 50 cm (KLR-500) and 100 – 140 cm are possible (KLR-1400).

The majority of tree spades in this series, from the KLR-500 to the KLR-1100, come with four blades. The KLR-1200 and KLR-1400 models come with 6 blades as standard. Undercutting blades are included in all models.

3-Point Mounted

These tree spades are designed to be mounted in a tractor’s 3-points connection.

From the KLR-500 to the KLR-700, our 3-points mounted tree spades are available in a variety of configurations.

Root ball sizes range from 30 to 50 cm (KLR-500) and 40 to 70 cm (KLR-700) (KLR-700).

There are two types of tree spades, each with its own purpose.

Type I: 4 spades with the undercutting blade.
The spades go around the tree, close, and then descend. The undercutting blade cuts beneath the rootball before returning to the rootball’s center, lifting the rootball with the tree. This is also effective for deep roots.

Type II: Two spades with a clamp but no undercutting blade.
The spades go around the tree, and the clamp clamps down on the trunk. The rootball of the tree is dug out of the dirt with the spades. Only shallow roots function with this technique.

Tree Transplanter

The Damcon KLR-2M tree transplanter is ideal for rescuing trees with an excavator or a wheel loader. The two semi-spherical spades ensure a healthy root ball and the retention of the most vital roots. This rootball’s optimal shape enables maximum roots with minimal weight. This advantageous weight allows universal vehicles such as wheel loaders and/or excavators to be used. So there’s no need for a specialized truck with fixed equipment, only vehicles that can be used for other things when they’re not transplanting. Changes can be made quickly thanks to the fast release method.

This selection of transplanters is ideal for large projects and avenue tree nurseries (such as road extensions and building sites). They can, however, be used for a variety of different purposes. The rootball diameter of the tree spade ranges from 1.5 meters (59″) to 2.5 meters (98″).

The transplanter is made of sturdy, quality material. As a result, there is less wear and tear and less maintenance. The machine’s low structure is advantageous for trees with low branches.

Damcon has been manufacturing tree spades for over 40 years. The majority are given to nurseries and are intended for frequent use. The Damcon tree spades have been distributed worldwide. For the past 20 years, the model KLR-2M has been manufactured and delivered to the Netherlands, Europe, and Africa.