Willsi Power - Knikmops - KM130 - Diesel

Gebroeders Geens invented the Knikmops KM 130, a compact, multi-deployable articulated loader. At Gebroeders Geens NV, this machinery is now the most frequently made Knikmops. This articulated loader weighs 1350 kg and has a lifting capacity of 1260 kg. The Knikmops KM 130 is 1.25 m wide, making it perfect for application in tight spaces such as parks, gardens, and demolition sites. The compact steel chassis is strong and suited for tough jobs. The Knikmops’ hydraulic feature enables it to do a wide variety of tasks in addition to earthworks, such as mowing, mixing stabilized sand, and drilling holes. Furthermore, when employing this multifunctional articulated loader, a Knikmops operator can rely on a power of 19 kW or 25 hp. In addition, four separate hydromotors on the wheels deliver continuous 4-wheel drive. This drive can be regulated with a difflock or electrically switched if required. This easy-to-steer Knikmops is perfect to be used on a construction site or in the garden.

  • Low loading arm pivot point, leading to an improved operator view and a machine that is considerably more stable.
  • Easy to transport as a result of low dead weight.
  • Hydrostatic four-wheel drive.
  • Very easy to operate.
  • Plenty of room to get on and off.
  • The high traveling speed of 20 kph!
  • The low dead weight of 1,350 kg!

Technical Specifications

Chassis LengthB2710mm
Total length with shovel bucketC3390mm
Overall widthD950/1250mm
Shovel bucket widthE1000/1270mm
Maximum turning angleF47 Degrees
Turning radius outside edgeG2400mm
Rollbar height / ROPS FOPS heightH2170/2260mm
Seat heightI1270mm
Ground clearanceJ315mm
Tipping-in angle from ground surfaceK30 Degrees
Arm hinge heightL1230mm
Transfer heightM1975mm
Shovel bucket rotation point, maximumN2145mm
Fuel tank capacity37 Litres
Diesel engine type (Kubota)V1505
Engine power19/25kw/pk
Number of cylinders4
Drive hydraulicsPlungerpump
Output of work hydraulics37L/min
Pressure of work hydraulics180bar
Curbweight without attachment1450kg
Lifting force900kg
Breakout force1000kg
KM130 Lift capacity11260kg