Willsi Power - Knikmops - Post Hole Borer

The post hole borer that can be attached to the Knikmops allows you to easily boreholes for fencing posts or plants. The diameter of the augers themselves ranges from 10 to 100 cm. Special diameters or heavier augers can be obtained on request from Gebroeders Geens.

The post-hole borer can also be used when pouring concrete, planting trees, or fencing off a meadow.

An extender can be fitted between the auger and the Knikmops jib. The extender has a length of 1.00 m enabling you to bore up to 1.00 m deeper.

For optimal operation of your Knikmops, we recommend that you take the steering stop option in combination with the manual inching option or the hand throttle option.