Willsi Power - Knikmops - Brush with Collector Bin

The sweeper with collector bin is perfect for cleaning large surfaces. The sweeper is fitted with a collector bin which makes it easy to keep the dirt together. This collector bin can be emptied mechanically. There is also the option to mount a side brush. This side brush makes it even easier to clean sides, gullies and angles.

The Brush with collector bin is attached to the Knikmops by means of a quick-change system and operated from the articulated loader using the additional hydraulic function.

The brush with collector bin is fitted with a polypropylene brush as standard. This brush can be replaced with a steel/polypropylene brush if desired.

Also available fitted with a water spray unit to reduce swept-up dust.

For optimal operation of your Knikmops, we recommend that you take the steering stop option in combination with the manual inching option or the hand throttle option.